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Industrial MicroHydraulics


For over 70 years, The Lee Company has pioneered the design and manufacture of miniature precision fluid control components for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, oil production, Formula 1 car racing and medical/scientific instrumentation. To date, more than 100,000,000 Lee Plugs®, Restrictors, Valves and Safety Screens have been delivered to aerospace manufacturers alone, worldwide. A typical commercial jet employs an average of 4,000 such Lee Parts. Lee Products are specifically engineered to enable designers to reduce the size and weight of their designs, while improving quality and manufacturability.

The Lee Company employs more than 1,000 people at its Technical Centers in Westbrook and Essex, Connecticut where all manufacturing is performed. Lee Company sales offices, staffed by degreed sales engineers, are located throughout the United States and Europe, and the company’s distribution network spans the entire globe. Lee’s unique capabilities in miniaturization and engineering expertise (one of every eight employees is an engineer) keep the company at the forefront of fluid flow technology, and enable it to work effectively with customers to solve difficult fluid control problems.

In 1991, The Lee Company founded the Industrial Microhydraulics (IMH) Division to adapt its proven design concepts to meet the higher volume production, performance and cost requirements of automotive, industrial hydraulic and medical applications. Using design techniques similar to those used for the Lee Plugs, valves, restrictors and safety screens that have logged millions of flight hours in aerospace applications, The IMH Division can now offer products of the same reliability and consistent performance, in very high quantities. These products are produced in an efficient, automated factory to the exacting standards of IATF16949. The Lee Company continues to expand the product offerings in The IMH Division. Should you need a product not shown in this website, please contact a Lee Sales Engineer to discuss your specific requirements.

The Mission of The Lee Company is to design and build state of the art products that exceed customers’ expectations for utility, performance and quality. The Lee Company constantly strives to improve the product designs, the manufacturing process and the quality system. The ultimate goal is zero defects and a satisfied customer.

The Lee Company is committed to full professional service to our customers through a worldwide sales network of graduate engineers. Lee has sales offices in Huntington Beach, Chicago, Tampa, Dallas, Detroit, and at the Technical Center in Westbrook. Lee also has wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in London (Gerrards Cross), Frankfurt, Paris (Voisins-Le-Bretonneux), Milan and Stockholm, and is represented in more than forty countries. If you have a fluid control problem and would like to talk to an engineer, or would like product information, please contact us at the Technical Center, or contact the field sales office nearest you.