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Industrial MicroHydraulics


Lee Inserts are designed for easy installation using the Lee Insert Principle of Controlled Expansion, which uses a pre-installed pin to expand a grooved section of the Insert’s body into the housing wall to effect a seal and retain the product. Using friction and penetration, the lands on the OD of the body bite into the housing wall, locking the Insert in place. The Insert Principle eliminates the need for O-rings or threads, reducing total installed cost.

To install a Lee Insert, simply insert the product into a drilled hole and drive the expander pin flush to within 0.25mm (0.010") above flush of the Insert. The installation tool can bottom on the insert body. Lee Installation Tools are available for each product and part numbers are listed on each product specification page. Installation forces required to install Lee Inserts vary for different products, and are also listed on each product specification page. The force specification may be a maximum or a range.

Since Inserts can be installed in only one direction, most come in forward and reverse flow directions to provide design flexibility.

Lee Inserts Features and Benefits

Compact Designs

  • Minimize housing size

Integral locking end

  • Long life
  • No o-rings to fail


  • Easy to integrate into automated assembly lines

100% tested

  • Eliminates rework, reducing internal costs
  • Enhances customers’ product quality
  • Guaranteed performance

All metal design

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Compatible with most fluids