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Industrial MicroHydraulics

Products in Plastic Fittings


The Lee Company IMH Group offers our highly accurate Orifice installed into a male to female luer adaptor and features an integral safety screen to protect the orifice from contamination. Ideal for medical applications, the orifice and screen are 300 Series stainless steel and the fitting is made of medical grade polypropylene. Designed for both liquid and gas applications, the orifices are 100% flow tested on either distilled water or nitrogen to ensure that each part is within ±5% of its nominal flow rate. This provides far more accuracy than orifices specifi ed by hole tolerance. Orifices of very high lohm rates (very small hole diameters) are now available in a barb to barb union as standard. Lohm rates of as high as five million lohms, equivalent to as small as a 0.001mm (0.0004") diameter orifice, come flow tested to tolerances of ±5%. This incredible accuracy is simply not available anywhere else. These orifices are protected by a 4 micron screen. The orifice and screen are 300 Series stainless steel and the fitting is medical grade polypropylene. This product is intended for gas applications only.

The IMH Group also offers a series of Luer Tee fittings with a relief valve in the branch of the Tee. These are particularly useful for a syringe driven system where a maximum force is required. One version uses a 2.5mm relief valve and another uses a 5.5mm model for higher flow. A third version has a 2.5mm relief valve in the branch and a check valve in the downstream branch to prevent backflow as well as over pressure protection. The check valve has a cracking pressure of 4 kPa and the relief valves range from 100 to 300 kPa. As with all IMH valves, cracking pressure is highly repeatable and valve seat leakage is very low.

Lee Products in Plastic Fittings Features and Benefits


  • Ready to use

Numerous confi gurations

  • Design flexibility

Integral safety screens

  • Blocks rogue contamination
  • Ensures reliability

100% tested

  • Eliminates rework.
  • All parts within performance
  • Consistent batch to batch