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Industrial MicroHydraulics

Hydraulic Safety Screens for Installation into Metal

IMH Hydraulic Safety Screens are “last chance" safety screens designed to protect critical fluid control components against rogue contamination. They are not intended to serve as system filters. The screens are constructed of stainless steel woven wire mesh, bonded together using a proprietary process that offers superior integrity and life. They are available in Insert and Cartridge styles. Insert Screens feature an integral locking end, while the Cartridge Screens are designed to be retained by the customer, or for 5.5 and 8 mm sizes, retained by a separate locking end.

Insert Style Screens
IMH Insert Style Screens use the proven Lee Insert Principle Of Controlled Expansion during installation to lock the screen in place. A preinstalled expander pin is simply pressed flush to within 0.25mm (0.010") above flush with the screen body, expanding the locking grooves into the wall of the installation hole to effect a seal and retain the screen. The installation force required to install Insert Screens varies for different screen models, and is listed on each page. The Lee Company does not recommend the use of coatings or surface treatments in the area of the installation hole where the Lee component is to be installed. Do not clean the insert prior to installation. The assembly is prelubricated for proper installation.


Cartridge Screens 
IMH Cartridge Screens use proprietary high strength bonded mesh to provide additional strength and integrity for applications where higher pressures could cause rupture due to the effects of clogging, possibly with catastrophic consequences. The unique design of the Lee Cartridge Screen is engineered to prevent a rupture and instead allow a gradual reduction in flow performance.

Lee Hydraulic Safety Screen Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary bonded mesh construction – Superior integrity and strength.
  • Easy installation – No threads required.
  • Multiple sizes available – Design flexibility.