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Industrial MicroHydraulics


The Lee Company is proud to warrant that all items described in this handbook are free from defect in design, workmanship and materials and that they conform to any applicable specifications, drawings, or approved samples.

Our products will only operate as well as the systems in which they are installed. We therefore expect the buyers of our products to be responsible for the proper design and fabrication of the systems in which our products are used. To assist our customers, we maintain a staff of sales engineers that can recommend the proper Lee Company products to satisfy a particular system requirement. However, the buyer assumes the risk of incompatibility between Lee Company products and the fluid media.

Should any Lee Company product not satisfy this warranty, we will promptly repair or replace it within a four (4) year period or the product’s published cycle life, whichever is less, without responsibility for indirect or consequential damages, provided the product was used for its intended purpose, and in its intended environment.

Should any Lee product fail to perform to its specifications as stated in this handbook, a Returned Material Authorization, "RMA", number is required prior to returning the product. Please contact The Lee Company for the RMA number. Products returned without an RMA number may not be accepted.