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Industrial MicroHydraulics

Temperature Rise in Hydraulic Fluids


Hydraulic fluid heats when flowing through a restriction as the pressure energy upstream of the restriction is converted into thermal energy.

FLUID c~BTU/ lb./ °F*
Water 1.00
JP-4 0.50
MIL-H-5606 0.47
MIL-H-83282 0.50
Skydrol 500 B-4 0.39
Silicone 100cs 0.35
Gasoline 0.50

*Specific Heat at 100°F.


If a Lee orifice is flowing MIL-H-83282 at 120°F and 2500 psid, the temperature rise across the Lee orifice is computed as follows:

For MIL-H-83282 at 120°F, S = 0.82, c = 0.50