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Industrial MicroHydraulics

New 855 LC2 Series Insert Chek® Valve for Installation into Metal

The Lee Company’s new 855 LC2 Series Insert Chek Valve is a miniature, thread­less, cartridge-style check valve specifi­cally designed for installation into metal manifolds. This new valve offers more than a 65% increase in flow capacity over the existing 855 series check valve. Designed for reliable operation, the new valve features robust, stainless steel con­struction. A high-quality metal to metal seat provides low leakage and highly re­peatable cracking pressures. This robust design and 100% functional testing en­sures consistent long-term performance.

Simple to install, the new check valve uses Lee’s field-proven insert principle that provides secure retention and elimi­nates the need for threads, o-rings or in-house designs. To install, simply insert the check valve into a drilled installation hole and drive the expansion pin flush to seal and lock the valve in place.

The new 855 LC2 Chek Valve’s compact size, superior performance, and ease of installation make it ideal for high volume applications in automotive, off-road, and other industrial hydraulic systems.