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Industrial MicroHydraulics

NEW Lee 5.5 mm Insert Orifices for Liquids & Gases

The Lee 5.5 mm Insert Orifices for liquids and for gases are economical, reliable, and highly accurate miniature restrictors. The orifices are 100% flow tested on water to ensure that every part is within ±5% of its nominal flow rate, providing more consistent system performance and reducing the need for system rework. Flow tolerances as tight as this are only possible if entrance and exit conditions of the orifices are closely controlled. This provides far more accuracy than an orifice specified by hole toler­ance. An ordinary hole held to a very tight tolerance will not result in a tight flow tolerance.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the 5.5 mm Insert Orifices are available in a range of Lohm rates and certain models are offered with an integral safety screen.

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