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Industrial MicroHydraulics

New LEE IMH 400 Bar Shuttle Valve

The new Lee IMH 400 Bar Shuttle Valve is a miniature, economical and reliable solution to the problem of hydraulic isolation in manifolds. This new valve features a compact, non-detented, selective design that is just 6mm in diam­eter and 9.7mm long, and is ideal as a signal for auxiliary functions, such as hy­draulically released, spring applied brakes as well as load sensing applications.

The Lee IMH 400 Bar Shuttle Valve is the smallest valve in its class as compared to other shuttle valves with similar flow rates. The all metal construction provides high reliability, yet leakage is drip tight. Each valve is 100% factory tested for flow and leakage to ensure consistent, long term performance.

This new cartridge-style shuttle valve in­stalls easily into a drilled hole, eliminating the need for threads, o-rings or in-house designs. To install, simply insert the shut­tle valve into a drilled hole and drive the expansion pin into the valve body to seal and lock the valve in place.

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